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ng to hang some article, such as an old earthenware cooking-pot, an old broken calabash, or best of all, the cast-off earthenware nozzles of smith’s bellows, on a bush or tree near the edge of the cultivated patch, and any one pilfering in face of this warn

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ing to trespassers was supposed to fall sick, 24

7 or even die, as the result of his temerity. A similar practice prevails on the West Coast, where a stick with a piece of cloth tied to it, or inserted in a cleft at the top, may often be seen in the cassava patch; and it is supposed that any one violating the prote

ction which this ju-ju is supposed to

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afford, will, at the least, suffer the loss of som

e portion of his body, which will rot away and drop off. The old saying that “it never rains but it pours” was abundantly verified in our case, only in a contrary sense to the literal meaning of the proverb. The failure of the rains in two successive seasons—which

was attributed to the white man havin

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g brought the railway into the country—brought ab

out a famine, which still further depleted the population. The country around Karuri’s, being mountainous, was not affected so much as the part to the east of us, on the caravan road, and more towards the coast. At our high elevation, surrounded by the watersheds of

Mount Kenia and the Aberdare Range, we

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    could always rely on a fair amount of rain, though we had had much less than usual during these two seasons. The general famine in the country affected me, inasmuch as the food

    which I was there to buy found its way out on the borders of the country, and consequently my supplies were cut off. Having occa

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    sion to go down to Nairobi about this time, I saw hundreds 248 of poor wretches dead or dying on the road, while some of my men heard gruesome tales of men killing and eating

    each other in their desperation at the lack of food. No case of this kind came under my personal notice, but I have seen the n

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    atives sitting down and boiling the skins which they wore as clothing in the effort to soften them sufficiently to enable them to be eaten. Numbers of the starving people, when

    they heard that food was to be got in the part of the country from which I came, started out to try to get there, but were rob

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